A summary of our recent webinar giving practical global mobility advice to all businesses

Mina Booth

Mina Booth

General Manager - Mines and Money, Beacon Events

Please find the webinar which ran on the 8th July in the following:

General Conclusions

  • The local communities need to ‘see the whites of your eyes’
  • Restrictions need to be lifted so miners can meet the communities on their ground.
  • Constructions approvals processes have been paused due to lack of travel
  • Financial backing can be secured without a roadshow.
  • Mining is a very people industry: zoom et al are only a short-term option.
  • Travel protocols are available on the WTTC website.
  • The Safe Travels Stamp is designed to show travellers that the country they are travelling too has adopted the WTTC protocols. Over 50 have signed up so far
  • The objective is to re-establish confidence.
  • Helpful links to find the most up to date information are included in the WTTC presentation below.
  • Always check information about the destination country on the government websites AND your home country.
  • There is no quick fic and we need to look at alternative options
  • On and off travel restrictions are expected for at least another year. New projects cannot be delayed that long.
  • You must look at your team in a different way: add 1 question “What other nationalities or residencies do you have?”
  • You always have the right to go back to your own country
  • You can solve the problems of mobility by first checking their inventory and Secondly identifying what residencies business owners or key staff need.
  • Zoom fatigue is setting in – face-to-face is still the best way to build meaningful relationships.
  • The best option is to secure as many travel documents as you can.
  • Forward planning for at least the next year is essential
  • Essential worker status is not a recommended long-term solution for mobility flexibility.

For more information about any of the issues covered please contact me or Harvey Law Group.

To view the full World Travel & Toruism presentation please click here

Our next webinar will run on the 29th July, registration will open shortly.  If you would like to be one of our panellists please email me – mina.booth@minesandmoney.com

Mina Booth
General Manager – Beacon Events

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