Vrinda Gupta

Vrinda Gupta

Managing Partner
Vazir Group

Wise beyond their years’ , would be an understatement for Vrinda Gupta.

A true passion chaser, Vrinda opted for a career in Immigration Consultancy at the age of 23, following her own experiences and many missed opportunities as an Indian expat in the UK. Following her graduation, Gupta was unable to secure employment opportunities and extend her stay in the UK, owing to residency and citizenship stipulations by most employers. To her unpleasant surprise, this was something many individuals and families faced across Europe and the western hemisphere.

While immigration consultancy was an abundant and established industry even then, Gupta observed that most consultants were more focused on ‘Selling what they had’ as opposed to assisting with ‘what the client really needed’.

So with the aim to establish a truly client centric immigration consultancy system, Vrinda Gupta serves as the Managing Partner at Vazir Group. Besides managing the company’s overall direction and strategy, Vrinda personally assists applicants and clients in their pursuit for global opportunities and easy global access.

Vrinda resides in Dubai, UAE, and holds a Bachelors Degree in Management from Cass Business School, City University and a Masters in Marketing from The University of Bath in the United Kingdom.

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