Sreekumar Nair

Sreekumar Nair

President & CEO
Diligens Consult WLL

I have been an ‘Investment Advisor and Immigration Consultant’ for 11 years covering both the Indian subcontinent and the Middle East, advising clients on EB-5, Canadian investment programs, European programs and the Caribbean CIPs.  With USCIS making some big changes last year, the challenges posed by EB-5 have become different.

Prior to being an investment advisor, Sreekumar has been the CEO of a Bell Canada subsidiary  in the Middle East. In this role, was the recipient of the ‘Best Bell Canada Sales office of MENA’ for three years in succession.  During this period, have successfully negotiated contracts with telecom companies in Thailand, Hong Kong, Qatar, Jordan, Oman and India.

My special area has been ‘Company Turn arounds’ for those facing marketing and profitability issues.  Raising finance with associates in USA, UK and Japan for very large infrastructure projects which are valued over US $100 million in Asean countries is another area of activity. Early years, I have been an accomplished sales and motivational trainer.

Currently, my life moves between India, Middle East and Canada managing own Investment Consultancy business from Bahrain.

Sreekumar is a qualified Chartered Management Accountant and Company Secretary from the UK with  papers in Marketing Management and Corporate Law.

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