Joe Xu

Joe Xu

Guangzhou Dacheng Immigration & Overseas-study Consultant Corp., Ltd.

The Chairman Mr. XU Zuhong (Joe) originally set up the company, now known as [Dacheng Immigration & Overseas-Study], in Hong Kong in 1996. Since then he has thrown himself into the business of immigration and study abroad for almost 20 years, with a range of successful experiences. As the senior and experienced professional in immigration and study abroad industry, Mr. XU also serves concurrently as the Executive President of Guangdong Entry & Exit Immigration Association and the Consultant of Taiwan Immigration Consultants Association, winning numerous awards.

Mr. XU has long-term experiences in aspects of living, studying and working in Canada, Hong Kong and China Mainland, which makes him create his profound and wonderful life. Moreover, with the further study in the national well-known university, he is more capable of handling various issues under the regulations and laws of different countries concerning immigration and study abroad. Over twenty-year experience makes him the authoritative expert in such industry. He is recognized and praised by the peers and clients.

With his wealth of experience and profound knowledge, Mr. XU has been providing professional suggestions and considerate services for immigration and study abroad applicants from all social classes throughout the country, helping groups of families go abroad, settle down, integrate into the life and fit into the work and study in the local places. Especially he helps them set up businesses overseas to realize further and wider development.




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