Association of Family Offices in Asia

Association of Family Offices in Asia

Association of Family Offices in Asia (AFO) is a professional society in Asia distinctively gathers single, multi and virtual family offices as well as the industry societies in the region. AFO offers a range of consultancy services and organize activities to facilitate collaboration and co-investment among the prestige circle.

AFO Mission :

  • Enhance the communication and engagement among family offices in the region and establish network for arranging club deals.
  • Provide resources, education and consultation services for family offices in the region.
  • Encourage all family members to become involved in the goal of developing and preserving family legacy through the instrument of the single family office.
  • Support the industry to promote all-rounded services covering financial, succession management and corporate development to wealthy families and their family offices.
  • Promote the industry and advocate members to practice the highest ethical standard and deliver customers with professional & reliable financial services.
  • Encourage the practitioners to commit to continuous professional development training, thereby promote the industry to advance to the higher level of specialization
  • Research with particular interests in the long-term development of the industry, regulatory policies & the effectiveness and the competition in Asia and in global arena.
  • Support the constancy exchange among the practitioners practicing in the region and build the platform to enable the communication & networking among practitioners.


亚洲家族办公室协会(AFO)是一家专业的社团。 我们专门连接区内的单一和独立之家族办公室以及其主要执行官和资深行业人士。 AFO 为家族办公室提供一系列的咨询服务,我们亦组织活动,以促进各界之间的协作和联合投资。

协会宗旨 :

  • 增进亚洲地区的家族办公室之交流、建立联合投资网络
  • 为亚洲地区的家族办公室提供资源, 顾问服务以及进行人才培训
  • 鼓励富豪家族透过家族办公室确保家族企业和财富得以传承。
  • 推动业界为富豪家族提供全面之金融,家族继承及企业发展服务
  • 提倡业界人员恪遵最高道德标准为客户提供专业可靠之家族理财服务
  • 鼓励业界人员积极参与持续之专业发展培训、从而推动行业向更高之专业化水平迈进
  • 就行业之长远发展、规管政策与成効、行业于亚洲以至全球之区域性竞争作基础性研究
  • 促进各地区业界人员之恒常交流、建立业界人员沟通互动之平台


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