Association of Private Bankers in Greater China Region is the first professional society in North Asia distinctively gathers and trains private bankers and specialists working in family in family  offices, independent asset managers as well as boutique investment houses. APB offers professional training, organizes activities to foster knowledge exchange, promotes long term industry development, supports collaboration among practitioners and delivers professional services to wealth owners.

APB Mission :

  • Uphold the moral and ethical standard of the industry
  • Support the industry practitioners in professional development
  • Collect opinions from the industry practitioners and deepen the research level of the industry
  • Unite the industry practitioners for promoting collaboration, sharing market intelligence and collectively discussing with the relevant market players & regulatory authorities on industry agenda
  • Disseminate and advocate the best business practices



協會宗旨 :

  • 提高業內道德標準,宣導專可靠服務
  • 長久關注專才培訓,推動私銀遠發展
  • 調研搜集業界意見,深化行究水準
  • 促進從業協作交流,構建互動資訊平臺
  • 普及最佳作業模式,尋求各持份者共贏


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