Sam Bayat is a Quebec (Canada) licensed attorney with background in international law and is specialized in corporate migration. He has over twenty years experience in business immigration and citizenship consultancy.

He was the former president and vice president of Canadian Bar, International Section in Quebec. He had lectured in the International law at the Concordia University in Montreal. He is the senior resident lawyer of the law firm, Bayat Legal Services (BLS) in Dubai.

In this interview with Sam M. Bayat, he shares with us his thoughts

  1. How would you describe the state of the investment immigration industry today?

Our industry is in good health and growing day by day with new programs, which are now attracting also the middle class applicants.
In my opinion the programs we offer are a necessity to expats working/living in this area, particularly non Westerns. An overwhelmingly majority of expats want to move forward and settle permanently in the West and as far as affluent expats, they are not be in a hurry to move but they want the comfort of having a European residency or a second citizenship that enable them to travel freely and to give them a sense of safety. The main objective today is to find comfort and these programs are the key.
For the foreseeable future demand for RBIs, CBIs and migration programs will remain very high.

  1. What do you think the wealth mobility demands of HNWIs in MENA?

Our geopolitics are not as they should be and affluent expats are a looking for safe investments and residency visas permeance. Alternative citizenship programs, such as Grenada CBI, are offering good investments and excellent visa free travel. Grenada is also an excellent for residency planning as it has the option for USA E2 residency visa.

  1. How do you see the industry evolving over the next 5 years?

Our industry will definitively grow in term of demand and available programs. But it’s getting complicated to choose and the actors in our industry are becoming less reliable. With more programs competing to attract applicants, cost is being reduce which is good but too many actors try to get a quick buck and therefore good advisers are scarce commodity.

Sam Bayat

Sam Bayat

Managing Director, Bayat Legal Services

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