As the founder and Director of awarding winning John Hu Migration Consulting, John Hu is a registered Australian migration consultant who has many years of successful experience in processing various investor, entrepreneur, skilled and family visas for his clients who have emigrated to Australia, New Zealand, Canada, USA, United Kingdom, Ireland, Portugal and other European countries.

In this interview, John shares his thoughts on the growth of the industry and how to remain competitive.

  1. How should the investment migration industry ensure its integrity is maintained?

The integrity of the global investment migration industry can be further enhanced through the self-discipline of all the industry players in the supply chain including the financial institutions, agents, legal professionals, business and investment consultants, as well as other relevant stakeholders. Investor education is equally important as they should understand their personal responsibilities to understand fully the investment migration visa requirements, criteria to qualify and select the right portfolio and business to invest and manage, as well as evaluating and managing their risks of investment for migration.

  1. What are the biggest challenges facing your company over the next 12 months?

With the growing market demand of investment migration in Hong Kong, there will be more crowded competition from new small immigration firms and cross-industry players such as property agents which promote their immigration services to the market. Our challenge is to sustain and strengthen our strong professional immigration service brand to attract more new customers as well as earn more referral sales from our satisfied clients.

  1. Where will the industry see its biggest growth over the next 12 months?

The biggest growth market segment in the global investment market industry over the next 12 months will be for those visa programs which deliver the best values to the main applicant and his family members in terms of total investment amount required, risks involved, residence requirement, lifestyle and safety, as well as the support services for the new migrants from the local country.

John Hu

John Hu

Principal Consultant, John Hu Migration Consulting

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