Global Mobility: The Competitive Advantage for 2021

Covid19 has devastated economies across the globe; GDP in all countries has fallen by the highest percentage ever. Most countries are predicting a 5-year recovery period.

Now that the initial impact of Covid19 begins to lessen, we all need to review the prevailing situation in our home countries and plan for the longer-term fallout. The most pressing question now is who pays for the bailouts. HNWI individuals are at risk of being targeted to pick up the tab.

The crisis has also had a huge impact on levels of employment and poverty; which in turn will affect safety. The differentiate between the haves and have-nots is starker than ever.

How do you protect yourself and your family against these hurdles in the future? There are several options that allow you to move to and remain in the country of your choice. We have created a free white paper that discussed some of the options. Please complete the brief form below to access the information.

Free Consultation

The opportunity to have a free mobility consultation.

This will consist of a short chat with a senior member of our team to understand your needs and then a bespoke plan of action outlining the options that are open to you. The initial chat will take a maximum 20 mins of your time and could open-up many opportunities for you. If you would like to book, please email today letting us know when you would like to talk, or call +44 7803 295292 UK office hours.
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