Global Mobility:
The Competitive Advantage for 2021

The economic impacts of Covid-19 are being felt across the globe. With no certain end in sight, businesses are still trying to adjust to the new normal.

Many businesses have remained agile by pivoting to an online model. However, many industries have seen their operations significantly impacted by travel restrictions, border closures, and the inability to have ‘boots on the ground’ for the local markets and regions in which the operate.

In 2021, freedom of movement and ability to travel when others are unable to will give companies a major competitive advantage. By exploring residency and immigration options for key staff, businesses can gain flexibility to maxmise operations and keep the business moving forward, while also establishing strategy to safeguard against travel restrictions in the future.

Our free white paper will provide you with an overview of some of the key options available. Alternately, you can provide us with your details to find out more about the options that could be tailored to your specific situation in a confidential conversation with Harvey Law Group.

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