Now in its 6th edition, this event will address the full range of wealth management trends as well as citizenship and residence planning trends among HNWIs in MENA market. It will gather immigration agents, lawyers, governments as well as private wealth intermediaries such as private wealth lawyers, family offices, trust professionals, tax consultants and more.

The venue:

Address Dubai Mall

Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Blvd, Downtown Dubai, Dubai, UAE

Who is attending?

Demand for second citizenship programmes

  • Most of the demand for second citizenship programmes in the UAE is coming from Indians, Pakistanis, Syrians and other Arab citizens. These expats use the UAE as a stepping stone for securing a second passport as it is easier and quicker to obtain from the Emirates due to the country’s strong credibility
  • Among Arab expats, Syrians lead the number of applications, followed by Lebanese, Iraqis and Palestinians. Among Asian expats, Indians and Pakistanis make up a large chunk of applications.
  • Caribbean and European programmes are immensely popular, especially Vanuatu & Portugal
  • Key motivations of applicants:
    • Having a second citizenship is seen as a life insurance policy in light of risky political situations and unstable economies in their home countries. It gives them visa-free access to major regions and countries in the world such as Schengen states.
    • Desire for privacy – the Common Reporting Standard (CRS) approved by OECD for cross border sharing of financial information on individuals does not apply to apply. Most programmes are possible through real estate investment and the fact that applicants are also gaining residency and potentially shifting their residence for tax purposes could be seen as a benefit for many investors

2019 Event

MENA, Dubai

Whether you’re keeping up to speed with international developments for yourself or for a client, join us for the most comprehensive CI gathering that offers an unbiased analyses of the available options and the requirements differentiating each.

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Showcase your visa-approved investment opportunity, project or development in front of the world’s leading immigration professionals and representatives – all of which are seeking new partnership and business opportunities.

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Are you a government looking to establish a citizen investment programme? Or, are you exploring ways to make your programme more attractive to investors?

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16 – 17 March 2020
Address Dubai Mall,
Dubai, UAE

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